Delta Balustrades

Konnekt™ K100 Launch date 2nd July 2020

A revolution in access staircase manufacture

Reducing balustrade installation times by over 80%

The Konnekt K100 balustrade system is an all-new patent pending system developed here at Delta Balustrades. Designed for integration within pre-cast staircases, the K100 system achieves three significant advantages:

+  It enables complete staircase/balustrade installation within hours not days removing the need for temporary edge protection

+  It simplifies on-site balustrade installation to non-skilled connection tasks

+  It achieves maximum off-site construction in line with MMC objectives


Access the recording on this LINK



The K100 system marks a dramatic shift in how staircases are incorporated within projects.

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The K100 Launch presentation will include:

+  Full demonstration using a working model

+  Explanation of how the system is incorporated during pre-casting

+  Detail of on-site installation tasks

+  Overview of how to specify the system accurately

Access the recording on this LINK