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CPD Training – Reducing Risk by Responsible Balustrade Design

Every year there are over 250,000 falls on stairs in and around buildings. Knowing the right legislation is critical for specifiers and contractors.

This Balustrade CPD will give you an understanding of why British Standards are necessary for safety. You will also understand what can go dangerously wrong with an installation. It will allow you and your company to be more responsible when specifying balustrades.

Key outcomes:
• Understand the critical elements of designing a balustrade safely whilst maintaining compliance at all stages
• Learn about balustrade loading requirements and how to design for each scenario
• Gain an insight to the legislation and standards that apply directly to balustrades and handrails
• View balustrade testing to BS6180
• Understand how balustrades can be designed to avoid installation defects that can become safety hazards
• Learn about real life examples of how early engagement is beneficial for all stakeholders
• Access free technical guidance and design checklists to assist with future projects

Available as modules that can be completed at your own pace.

25-30 mins

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Live CPD Events

Alternatively, live events in your offices or over Zoom, Teams, or similar, are available to book if you would prefer this format.

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