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the protective handrail coating

In heavily populated or urban environments, the nDura™ system is in its element. Approved and authorised for use by London Underground in sub-surface stations, nDura™ has a unique coating that is as just as tough as its environment:

  • Anti-graffiti: almost any graffiti can easily be removed leaving no permanent damage.
  • Flame resistant: Class 1 fire rating and performance requirements of London Underground Standard 1-085.
  • Scratch resistant: featuring unique and extra durable properties.
  • Solvent resistant: undamaged by the application of solvents used to remove graffiti or stains.
  • Warm to the touch: deep and durable finish that complies with BS8300 DDA regulations.

The nDura™ system features Delta Balustrades’ unique anti-bacterial finish, containing an active ingredient that combats bacterial growth such as listeria, E. coli, moulds and salmonella.

Perfectly suited for applications in hospitals, laboratories, schools, office and food-preparation environments, the growth of bacteria on the surface of the handrail and balustrade is prevented for over a decade.

There is no other cleaning regime available to match our innovation. What’s more, we offer this anti-bacterial finish in a wide range of colours.

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