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lock out the dirt

Delta Balustrades new nTechnology is a specially formulated treatment applied to all stainless steel products. This treatment protects the surface of the metal and consequently offers considerable reductions in cleaning time and costs.

Stainless steel traditionally requires a relatively high level of maintenance, especially considering the common misconception that it is stain-free. In fact, the surface of stainless steel is prone to collecting deposits of chlorides which in turn etch the base material and produce what is known as tea-staining.

nTechnology is a specially developed factory applied treatment that can be administered to all Delta Balustrades’ stainless steel products upon request. This considerably reduces the adhesion that chlorides have to the surface and therefore reduces the cleaning requirements of the finished product.

Regular cleaning is still required, but far fewer chemicals are needed to achieve a pristine finish. In fact, less water is also required to achieve the same results.

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