Powder Coated


Many of our customers love the versatility of our advanced HiBuild powder coated finish. Combining excellent durability with an almost limitless range of colours, HiBuild has the flexibility to suit any scheme or requirement.

The high performance, thermo-setting coating is applied by an electrostatic spray system to pre-treated metal, and then oven cured.

The HiBuild polyester-coated system has it all: advanced scratch resistance, a comfortable grip, and the all-important “warm to the touch” DDA requirement.


HiBex is our exclusive finish that takes the resilience of HiBuild, and adds enhanced protection against corrosion, making it desirable for all external applications.

Incorporating superior edge coverage and a special adhesion mechanism, HiBex is part of Delta’s external balustrade range that is fully guaranteed against corrosion.

The same huge range of colours. The same compliant tactile warmth. Added protection against corrosion. Guaranteed.

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