Delta Balustrades


Effective. Dependable. Refined.

For a clean and graceful balustrade and handrail system, the Orbis is your first choice. Crafted from stainless steel or mild steel tubing, this system is ideal for a huge variety of applications, wherever low maintenance and high functionality is required.

Fully compliant with all British safety regulations, the Orbis can be matched with a wide range of popular infill options. With the added benefits of shorter lead times and faster installation, Orbis is unparalleled in terms of saving both cost and time.

The Orbis range is produced in three different load designs with multiple options:

50 Series:
Diameter tubing suitable for medium loading applications.

60 Series:
Diameter tubing suitable for medium to high loading applications.

70 Series:
Diameter tubing suitable for high loading applications, such as crowd control.

Delta Balustrades
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