Delta Balustrades

Case Studies

Alperton Community School, Wembley

Orbis OS210 Glass Infill Side Fix
Orbis OS251 No Infill Top Fix
Vista V503 Point Fix

Contractor: Kier Construction
Architect: Nicholas Hare Architects

Alperton Community School is a specialist coeducational secondary school and sixth form with academy status and is committed to helping each student to be the very best they can be within a supportive, caring and highly inclusive community.

The school was selected for redevelopment through the Governments £4.4 billion Priority School Building Programme (PSBP), a project led by the Education Funding Agency (EFA).

The project aimed to provide students with hi-tech learning facilities and teaching accommodation. Comprising of 83 classrooms and a new sports hall with activity and dance studios that can be used by the local community.

The initial stair balustrade design included vertical bar railings which raised concerns with Kier, due to a need for onsite fabrication and painting which incurred hidden costs to budget and programme. Kier faced difficulties with installation times, compliance, and achieving a suitably finished product.

To combat the issues Delta Balustrades proposed the use of the Orbis system with glass infill to provide better value, quicker installation, a consistent factory finish and high performance in meeting loading requirements.

A 1200mm high solid wall around the voids was proposed and, for safety reasons, the client requested an additional glass balustrade of 500mm high be added.  Kier required input from the balustrade company to assist with the design prior to the structure of the wall being confirmed.

To facilitate this requirement Delta Balustrades provided a design detail for the void balustrade fixing to assist Kier in confirming the steelwork design, prior to the void becoming a confirmed instruction from their client. A sequencing plan for the fixings and boarding was discussed and agreed with the site team.

Early engagement, regarding the void balustrade detail and sequencing, ensured fixing points could be set out before the boarding. This eliminated fixing through finished boarding and glass installation could follow much later, following full completion of the solid balustrade and timber capping.

Choosing the correct balustrade system enabled the manufacture and finish offsite, allowing Kier to overcome the challenges of onsite fabrication and painting.  Installing a finished product also had a positive impact on installation times, overall programme and sequencing.


Internal Stairs
Product: Orbis OS210 Glass Infill Side Fix
Handrail: 50 Series Sigma™ stainless steel
Balustrade: 60 Series Sigma™ stainless steel
Infill: Clear laminated glass infill panels with D-lug bolt through glass fixings
Loading: 1.5kN/m

Product: Vista V503 Point Fix
Handrail: Sigma™ Top Edge Trim to Glass
Balustrade: Slimline point fixings
Infill: Laminated structural glass (Heat Soaked)
Loading: 1.5kN/m

External Steps
Product: Orbis OS251 No Infill Top Fix
Handrail: 50 Series Ultra™ stainless steel
Balustrade: 50 Series Ultra™ stainless steel
Infill: No Infill
Loading: 0.74kN/m


Delta Balustrades
Alperton Community School, Wembley
Alperton Community School, Wembley
Alperton Community School, Wembley
Alperton Community School, Wembley