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Do Balustrade Glass Infill Panels need to be Kitemarked?

There is often a lot of confusion regarding the use of kitemarks and whether it’s a mandatory requirement for glass. This is not the case.

In this video, Murray clearly explains what marks you should expect to see on a glass panel to indicate compliance.

Prefer to learn through reading rather than watching? Click here for the article.

What is a baluster?

When it comes to balustrade systems, the jargon can get so confusing sometimes. A question we’re often asked when liaising with customers is ‘what is a baluster?‘. We find that it is often confused with the handrail, but it is in fact quite the opposite…

In this video, Murray decodes the ‘balustrade jargon’ and clearly distinguishes exactly what a baluster is.

What diameter should my handrail be?

Handrails can come in all shapes and sizes from many different suppliers. Ensuring they are compliant for ease of use is of course key, but there are also other considerations.

In this video, Murray helps us to understand not only the minimum requirements of handrail diameter in accordance with guidance documents and legislation, but he also covers practical aspects including aesthetics and usability.

Prefer to learn through reading rather than watching? Click here for the article.

How do stair widths influence balustrade design?

Stair widths are often reduced to be as narrow as compliance will allow. Balustrades and handrails then have a further impact on the stair width. Because of this, a common question asked by customers is “what’s the difference between clear width and escape width?” – the first referring to accessibility and the latter regarding fire regulations.

In this video, Murray clearly distinguishes the difference between clear width and escape width in accordance with guidance documents and building regulations.

Greenwood Place, Kentish Town

We delved into the Greenwood Place Project with Camden Council and Kier Group to discover how the use of our Vista system has helped them to realise the projects vision.

As a centre providing spaces for services supporting people with mental ill-health and learning disabilities, the need to provide unobstructed views to help with therapy and rehabilitation was paramount.

Take a closer look at this inspiring project in our latest video case study.