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There’s a perception that stainless steel handrails are more expensive than mild steel or powder coated handrails due to aesthetic appeal and hard-wearing properties.

So, are stainless steel handrails truly more expensive than mild steel?

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What are nickel sulphide inclusions in glass?

On rare occasions toughened glass can break in service for no apparent reason. This can be caused by a variety of things including damage, impact or inclusions within the glass.

One particular type of inclusion, nickel sulphide (NiS), has attracted publicity and it is important that specifiers understand its characteristics and the risk of breakage in service.

In this video, Murray explains exactly what a Nickel Sulphide Inclusion is.

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What is heat soaked glass?

There are many different types of glass, mostly resultant from different processes and tests the glass is put through to reach it’s finished specification. An increasingly common glass type is Heat Soaked Glass.

In this video, Murray explains exactly what Heat Soaked Glass is.

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Which baluster on a stair takes the most strain?

The typical balustrade system on a staircase will have between 25-30 balusters, but what many of our customers find surprising is that they don’t all take equal amounts of strain or stress on their fixings.

In this video, Murray explains which balusters on a staircase take the most strain, which take the lest strain, and why.

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Can you fix balustrade on top of screed?

Floor build ups typically consist of a portion of screed and so it is important to understand how this will impact the Balustrades in your construction project.

In this video, Murray explores the question of “Can you fix Balustrade on top of Screed?”

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