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7 Ways to Prepare Site for Survey

Posted on 20th September 2021

A crucial part of supplying specialist balustrade solutions is the site survey, taking place prior to final design approval.

We’ve devised 7 Ways to Prepare Site for Survey to reduce impact on programme times and prevent costly revisits.

  1. Ensure Stairs are in Place
    Allows for accurate measurements and reduces risk of late design changes that can impact production and programme times.
  2. Ensure Edge Protection is in Place
    Enables surveyors to take measurements safely.
  3. Wall Finishes Determined
    Allows accurate measurements for handrails and prevents costly revisit for wall dimensions.
  4. Clear Access to Survey Area
    Free from other trades and obstructions allows for quicker survey.
  5. Raise Awareness of Wall Make Up, Windows or AOV’s
    Enables team to design around these elements.
  6. Point of Contact on Site
    Correct personnel on site to answer questions helps survey run smoothly.
  7. Confirm Solid Slab is Level
    Prevents changes to baluster heights that may cause installation delays.

If there are any changes to your programme scheduling which impact the balustrade installation date, please contact Delta Balustrades immediately on 01270 753 383.