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Construction Sector Deal Aligns with Delta

Posted on 16th July 2018

In 2017 Delta Balustrades vowed to reduce time spent on site during installation by 50%, with encouraging results. Changes have enabled clients to reduce their health and safety risks, improve the working environment quickly and keep programmes on time.

The Governments recent publication of the Construction Sector Deal gives focus and investment to the UK’s growing Construction Industry.

Delta’s journey of change began over 4 years ago;

  • opening digital communication lines using BIM technology allowed collaborative design
  • implementing standardised products reduced the need for fabrication on site
  • introducing Lean production processes enabled production to run alongside client’s project development
  • significant reduction in work on site, means around 90% of project work is now carried out offsite

“As part of the supply chain, we have been advocating offsite manufacturing since 2012, in a bid to help our clients with project lead times and the health and safety of their buildings.

The framework proposed by the Government is a welcome investment across the whole of the Construction sector.

The inclusion of the supply chain and the ability to communicate more effectively, through increased technology, will propel the construction industry to further growth.”

Gavin Boyt, Director, Delta Balustrades Ltd

For further details on the Governments proposal click here.