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Delta Balustrades Director Qualifies

Posted on 15th February 2018

Congratulations to our Director of Operations, Simon Ebbans, upon completing his NEBOSH, National General Certificate.

Delta Balustrades Managing Director, Stephen Boyt, is extremely proud of Simon’s achievement.

‘Simon has worked tirelessly to achieve his NEBOSH certificate and as an organisation, we are very proud of his attitude towards continued professional development. We plan to promote a safer working environment, reduce accidents in the workplace and boost productivity in the future.’

After over 6 years at Delta Balustrades, Simon recognised a need within the business and industry for a NEBOSH qualified Director of Operations and quickly embarked on his professional development journey.

A strong part of our HOW at Delta Balustrades is to “Be Responsible”. Simon’s determination to gain his NEBOSH certificate allows, not only himself to become more educated in health and safety but enables Delta Balustrades to continue to be a responsible contractor and employer within the construction industry.

In line with our WHY, “We get satisfaction from helping people succeed”, colleagues at Delta Balustrades were more than willing to support Simon in his challenge to NEBOSH success.

When asked why he chose the NEBOSH certificate, Simon stated,

‘Throughout my career in operations, the importance of compliant health and safety practices within an organisation has amplified. Even though I already maintained a strong understanding of health and safety, I wanted to further my risk management skills and learn new techniques with a NEBOSH certificate. The team at Phoenix Health and Safety were very supportive and I can’t thank them enough for their guidance! Thanks to my trainer, Dave Hoey, I am considering tackling a NEBOSH Diploma in the future.’

With Simon’s improved ability to identify and minimise risk, Delta Balustrades can rest assured our customers, contractors and supply chain are in safe hands.