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Posted on 6th August 2020

Contrary to much of the content on LinkedIn around Zoom fatigue, at Delta Balustrades we have found ways of enhancing how we work by using the technology that has become more prevalent during recent months.

Core to our business is our competence in balustrade design for stairs and edges that need protecting.  Often in the early stages of a project there can be some back and forth on the design of the balustrade with the architect.  Prior to Covid-19 this was done by email, with the team working remotely, we embraced Microsoft teams to communicate internally and keep staff motivated.  Then the designers started to use Teams to reach out to Architects and set up virtual meetings to discuss the drawing queries, sharing screens and resolving in an hour issues that would take days or weeks before.  Whilst virtual, it is still more of a human touch than an email.

We’ve also discovered Loom and are using it to support internal training and more importantly, walk though quotes to ensure clients fully understand the quotations we are providing.  We’ve already won 1 piece of business from this method and are receiving really positive feedback from customers on this initiative.  Without the coronavirus crisis this is another tool that would likely have remained hidden to us.

As many businesses,  we have used the technology available to us to provide architects with CPD remotely, whether that’s a Zoom meeting with the practice or as an online training done at the individuals pace.  Let’s not forget our highly successful Konnekt K100 product launch, where we utilised the Webinar facility on Zoom, achieving 193% of our registrations goal.

These are just some of the changes that have created a “new normal” for us and enhanced our productivity.  We continue to look for ways to ensure we are helping people succeed.