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What is the best fixing option for terrace balustrades?

Posted on 10th February 2022

Balustrades with glass infills add a modern aesthetic to any terrace while providing that all important safety barrier. Due to the location and design of terraces we are often asked which fixings are best for this environment.

Balusters are normally fixed to the concrete slab using fixing plates and fixings appropriate to the applied loadings.

However, external terraces are designed with varying floor finishes, such as decking or paving slabs, on top of the concrete slab. Depending on the distance between the Finished Floor Level and the fixing plate in the concrete slab a gusset plate may be required to strengthen the detail.

To reduce the risk of coordination challenges and potential loss of tolerance, it is recommended to fix the balusters and plates at the same time prior to final floor finish, with a return visit to install the infills.

Depending on the geographical location and height of the terrace wind loadings should be considered and supplied by the structural engineer.

To provide an element of waterproofing a fully welded cowl is possible, as a cover rose isn’t likely to be sufficient. However, weathering cowls are not always a necessity and we advise discussing waterproofing with the balustrade manufacturer at project quote stage.

OS211 – Orbis with glass infill top fix(with weathering cowl)

If at any stage you’re unsure about the fixing detail you require contact us and a member of our technical team will be able to assist.