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Posted on 5th December 2016

With 2016 drawing to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the year.  And what a funny old year it’s been!

Not only is a billionaire businessman set to become President of the USA in January, but it seems that 2017 will also mark the year that the UK triggers article 50 to leave the EU.

Both events were a shock to the media pundits who are now busy speculating on what will happen next. Here in the UK, now that the dust is settling, many of us that employ, manufacture and sell within the UK are looking forward with optimism to a marketplace where it pays to be a British manufacturer.

As a British manufacturer with a skilled local workforce and a UK-wide customer base, our business is well-protected against fluctuations in the value of the pound.  For our customers, this also means excellent protection against price volatility, alongside all the benefits they’ve always gained from our UK manufacturing operation in terms of quality control, in-house technical expertise and attractive, accountable lead times.

While Brexit has divided opinion, driving growth in the UK manufacturing sector was one of the core principles of the leave campaign. Companies like Delta that have been committed to manufacturing in the UK all along, highlight the advantages of a UK-based supply chain and we will continue to invest in our production capabilities, our team and development of our product range.

Some years pass by without much to distinguish them from the previous year or the one that comes after.  2016 will stand out as a momentous year when the unexpected happened, bringing with it significant cultural and economic change.

For Delta Balustrades, however, while the pundits continue to discuss the outcomes and the naysayers continue to panic, it’s business as usual with high quality, aesthetically appealing balustrades made in the UK.