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Posted on 14th December 2016

While aesthetics will always be an important part of any balustrade specification, the main function of balustrades is safety.  So, when it comes to ensuring your balustrade is as safe and robust as possible, you need every possible assurance that it meets the highest safety standards of design, manufacture and installation.

That’s why BSI (The British Standards Institution) has now created a Kitemark for balustrades. Thanks to the reputation we have built in the marketplace, Delta was selected to take part in the pilot certification scheme and consequently already have the Kitemark stamp for our core products, from the moment the scheme was launched

From crash helmets to smoke alarms, the Kitemark is a quality certification recognised around the globe to underpin quality of manufacture and compliance in safety-related products.

Complying with the stringent accreditation process has not entailed any product modifications at Delta Balustrades because we have always been committed to the very highest standards of manufacturing and compliance.  As a UK manufacturer we build quality assurance into our processes at every stage from design through to installation. We are an ISO 9001 and Achilles accredited company and all our systems are fully compliant with all relevant BS standards and CE marked in line with CPD (Construction Products Directive) requirements.

Long before the Kitemark for balustrades was launched, we made sure we worked closely with BSI to understand and implement all the requirements, ensuring we were amongst the first recipients.  We have successfully completed two BSI audits and have invested in independent load testing of all our systems to verify the design and manufacturing integrity of our product range.

The independent verification of full compliance, quality and safety required by the balustrades Kitemark equals genuine peace of mind for our customers. What’s more, it’s an additional level of quality assurance that you can pass on to your clients and the building’s end users so that everyone knows they’re in safe hands with Delta.