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Posted on 27th October 2016

Delta are very pleased to be included in the ‘Top 10 best performing subcontractors’ in the Kier Construction (London) BRAG Score Review. This was following our involvement in the Lansdowne School project in Stockwell, London.

Kier Construction’s BRAG Scoring System is issued to their Contracts Team on a quarterly basis. There are ten areas of performance that are scored, including ‘Quality of Workmanship’ and ‘Health & Safety Management’, the ten scores are then used to create an average score for the subcontractor’s site performance. Delta Balustrades scored a massive 88% – thanks to our dedicated Site Support team and Installers.

Mark Fox, Head of Subcontract Procurement for Kier Construction, London said “At Kier we really do appreciate Supply Chain members who perform well on our sites. It therefore gives me great pleasure to inform you that Delta Balustrades Ltd were amongst the Top 10 Best Performing Subcontractors in the Kier Construction London monthly BRAG score review last month, with an overall score of 88% on the Lansdowne School project. Well done!”