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Posted on 1st November 2013

Delta Balustrades’ drive to innovate means that specifiers can now save time and money when eliminating the unsightly problem of tea staining on stainless steel at no extra cost.

While high-alloy steel or fine polishing can help stainless steel keep its good looks, they are expensive. Meanwhile, conventional coatings may protect stainless steel from chlorides and other contaminants in the short term, but when they start to peel and delaminate they can create aesthetic problems of their own.

Our new nTechnology finish is a specially-formulated treatment that is factory applied as standard to all our stainless steel products at no additional cost, chemically fusing with the silica in the stainless steel to create a permanent bond that significantly reduces tea staining discolouration problems and cannot delaminate. So our products keep their fantastic looks and gain a smoother, easy clean surface without any increase in price.

Derek Eames, Delta Balustrades’ technical manager, explains: “Tea staining is a common problem in both coastal and urban environments as contaminants and moisture in the air gather inside the microscopic abrasions in the polished stainless steel. While this does not degrade the integrity of the stainless steel, it does degrade the aesthetics.

“The introduction of nTechnology as standard across all our stainless steel products means that specifiers can be confident of a product that continues to look fantastic long after installation.”

Why not take a look at how much nTechnology could enhance your scheme.