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Do Glass Infill Panels need to be Kitemarked?

Posted on 11th May 2023

Glass is a safety-critical product for balustrades and it is of course important to ensure that its production and manufacturing processes comply with certain standards. In the past there has been a lot of confusion regarding the use of kitemarks and whether it is a mandatory requirement for glass. 

So, is a kitemark stamp a requirement for glass infill panels?

The simple answer is… No

Whether it be a balustrade infill, a window, or any other type of glass panel, to comply with British Standards, it is a mandatory requirement for them to be indelibly stamped with a safety mark. This should identify critical information about the product including the manufacturer, product standard and impact performance.

A Kitemark is NOT a safety mark. Instead, a kitemark indicates quality whereby the glass processor adheres to kitemark accredited quality control measures.

This infographic by Willmott Dixon does a great job at highlighting how all of the below safety marks are indeed compliant, despite not all showing a Kitemark.


To round up, the kitemark logo is often confused with safety marks on glass, probably as a lot of safety marks include this logo on the stamp. If the safety mark does not include the kitemark stamp, the glass may still be 100% compliant.

What’s crucial is that there is a safety stamp which contains information on where the glass comes from, what regulation it’s designed to, and the impact performance.