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What is a Baluster? Decoding Balustrade jargon

Posted on 6th April 2023

When it comes to balustrade systems, the jargon can get so confusing sometimes. A question we’re often asked when liaising with customers is ‘what is a baluster?’. We find that it is often mixed up with the handrail, but it is in fact quite the opposite…



So, what is a Baluster?


Baluster defined

As Murray points out, a baluster is a post – sometimes referred to as an ‘up right’. It is the vertical bar that provides a balustrade with structural support.
Since the baluster is fixed to the ground (either side or top fix), it provides stability to the guarding and supports the handrail above.
Answering the question of 'What is a Baluster?'

Types of Baluster

Here at Delta, we have three core types of balusters; Orbis™, Mono™ and Duo™


Our Orbis™ Baluster is our most popular. It is tubular in shape which often compliments the handrail, as demonstrated in the image above. You can also see some examples of Orbis in use here.


The Mono™ range is made of a single flat post. It offers a minimalistic aesthetic and can be specified in a range of finishes including powder-coated and stainless-steel.


As the name suggests, our Duo™ Baluster is made of two single flat posts. Again, available in a range of finishes, you can see some example use cases here.


It should also be noted that we can offer bespoke solutions, so if our core range doesn’t suit your project, don’t be put off. Get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss you’re requirements. A great example where we have installed bespoke balustrades in the past would be the Manchester Airport Terminal 2 project, see our case study here.



To round off, a Baluster in it’s simplest terms is the upright, structural portion of the balustrade or guarding. If you’d like to see more balustrade jargon explained, head over to our YouTube channel where we try to answer a host of typical customer questions.