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Which Baluster on a Stair takes the Most Strain?

Posted on 6th July 2023

The typical balustrade system on a staircase will have between 25-30 balusters, but what a lot of our customers find surprising is that they don’t all take equal amounts of strain or stress on their fixings.

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Can you fix Balustrade on top of Screed?

Posted on 22nd June 2023

Floor build ups typically consist of a portion of screed and so it is important to understand how this will impact the Balustrades in your construction project.

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Do Glass Infill Panels need to be Kitemarked?

Posted on 11th May 2023

There is often a lot of confusion regarding the use of kitemarks and whether it’s a mandatory requirement for glass.. This is not the case and heres why.

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What is a Baluster? Decoding Balustrade jargon

Posted on 6th April 2023

A question we’re often asked is ‘what is a baluster?’. We find that it is commonly mixed up with the handrail, but it is in fact quite the opposite…

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What, Why, How – Bright Polished (Ultra™ Marine) Stainless Steel

Posted on 16th March 2023

Why does Bright Polish reduce corrosion opportunities? Especially in highly corrosive environments like marine and swimming pools?

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